Transformational Coaching and Coaching Supervision for those who aspire to reach the next level of their practice.

Leadership, EQ and Self-Awareness Coaching

Leadership, EQ and Self-Awareness Coaching

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate.” – Carl Jung

Here is what people are saying

“I thought Eniye did an amazing job over the past few weeks. She was highly effective at building a safe environment for me to feel comfortable sharing very personal information in a workplace setting. She built our relationship quickly and delicately through her high level of preparedness and professionalism. Although we had a condensed timeline, it was obvious that she was very committed to my overall growth which made me stay as committed as she was.”
                                                                                         A. Smith, USA
“I had a great time talking to you Eniye. You helped me see some of the things that I probably been dealing with from my childhood. Though this period was particulary tough, you were patient with me. I think what we talked about will help me a lot beyond this”
                                                                                          Diana K, USA

“Working with Eniye has been very freeing. I arrived the process confused and full of unexpressed fears and emotions. In just 5 weeks of working with Eniye, I was able to label all of the range of emotions this pandemic has raised in me and I feel lighter, freer, and ready to carry on with my life, work and relationships. I feel truly empowered”.
                                                                                      N. R, Singapore

“I hired Eniye as a coach when I myself was a coach in training. The journey was truly transformational: Eniye enabled me to face crippling fears in a safe and non-judgemental environment, and she challenged them powerfully, but gently and empathically. All of my relationships have changed for the healthier, just because I now have a strong sense of identity that allows me to feel secure, listen better and empower others. I would highly recommend Eniye to anyone looking for transformational changes in their lives”.

                                                                            Claire O, London, UK

I am an experienced psychodynamic coach and supervisor. I work with a diverse client group from financial services to the education sector. As Eniye’s supervisor, I found her to be an exceptional coach. Her coaching is containing, and intuitive and she is able to work creatively and at depth with the rich material clients bring.

She is sensitive and empathetic and draws on her insights to challenge and support clients in equal measure. Eniye’s coaching provides a safe and confidential space that helps clients move forward with enhanced clarity and confidence and make significant shifts. I have no hesitation in recommending Eniye as a coach.

                                              L. Dalah, Psychodynamic Coach, UK