Coaching Supervision

Are you stuck in your coaching practice or simply desire to become a better coach?

Coaching supervision is one of the best and most effective ways you can get to the next level of your professional development as a coach. Through coaching supervision, you can improve your coaching skills, gain additional insights and build confidence in your practice.
As a direct result, coaching supervision can help you get better results for your clients

Benefits of my Coaching Supervision

As a Coaching Supervisor, I support and challenge you to be your best as a coach or coaching supervisor to others.

I provide an opportunity to discuss your caseload in a confidential and psychologically safe setting to gain additional insight. I’ll also support you in becoming more aware of your Interfering thoughts, attitudes and beliefs which may be limiting your practice as well as your enhancing thoughts, attitudes and beliefs which will help you thrive.

I will support you with feedback, learning, resourcing, accountability, and ethical watchfulness.