Executive Coaching

I support my clients in the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis running companies or managing teams. I help my clients make a positive impact in a new role or prepare for promotion. For instance, I coach them to become:

  • More inspiring leaders with higher levels of Emotional Intelligence
  • Better team managers
  • More effective communicators
  • More confident strategic planners
  • Better stress and time managers
  • Better able to juggle competing commitments

Personal Development Coaching

As a Personal Development Coach, I will help you to create the space in your life to improve self-awareness, confidence and a more secure identity, develop your talents, strengths and potential, enhance your quality of life which will all contribute to the realisation of your goals. I also help you learn how to overcome obstacles to your personal growth. Your goals may be related to any area of your personal development, including relationships, career, family, finance or health and wellness.