I am a highly skilled and experienced Certified Personal Development and Executive Coach and Coaching Supervisor working with individuals across the Corporate, Private and Voluntary Sectors. I provide developmental coaching and psychological support to people all over the world to help deal with their day-to-day pressures of life and work.

I also work as a Coaching Supervisor providing developmental support to other coaches working within large corporations, providing a forum where they can think about their work and practice, gain more in-depth reflection to provide excellent service and adhere to the industry’s ethical standards.

I have a passion for helping people ‘connect the dots of life’ in order to grow to their fullest potential and find joy and balance. I strive to empower and walk alongside my clients as they unlock their potential, discover themselves and become unstuck. A client’s dissatisfaction may be personal or career related; this is where I come in to help guide and support you, stage by stage, as you find your true north.

I will typically help you work around fears, negative habits, self-images, attitudes, and perceived limitations that are holding you back. I will aim to help you focus on your positive talents and abilities by helping you develop greater emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Together, we will journey to help you put your past as well as any perceived failures – to rest, march forward with new goals and aspirations to better your life, and transform you into the amazing person you were always designed to be.